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E-Commerce Portal

1] Domain Name Registration & Website Hosting
2] Email Services
3] Website Design Process
4] Website Development
5] Payment Gateway Integration

18,000.00 40,000.00

Ecommerce front End Features:

  1. On Home Page:
    1. Static/CMS Pages
    2. Main One Ad Banners
    3. Promotional Ads
    4. Best Selling Products / Featured Products


  1. Popular Tags
  2. Community Poll
  3. Recently Products
  4. View Compare Products
  5. Product Search
  6. Product Advance Search
  7. My Account
  8. My Wish list
  9. My Cart
  10. Checkout
  11. Log In
  12. Stores wise products
  13. Registration
  1. Products/ List of Categories Page:
    1. Browse By Categories
    2. Browse by Brands
    3. Browse by Price Range
    4. Browse by Product Type
    5. Browse by Product Attributes
    6. In Listing, Product Displayed with Following Option
    7. Name
    8. Price
  • Stock in Available or Not
  1. Option To Add to Cart
  2. Rating
  1. Product Detailed Page:
    1. Name
    2. Rating
    3. Short Description
    4. Product Main Image
    5. Product Specifications
    6. Related Products
    7. Product Discounted Price
    8. Product Tag
    9. Stock Availability
    10. Option Buy Now
    11. Quantity Update Options
  2. Product Order Summary Page:
    1. Option To Gift Wrap this order
    2. Option To delete & update quantity
    3. Estimate Shipping and Tax
    4. Recommended Products
    5. Checkout with Multiple Addresses
  3. Support Payment Options:
    1. Online Payment Gateway


Ecommerce Back End Features:

  1. Dashboard:
    1. Lifetime Sales
    2. Average Orders
    3. Last 5 Orders
    4. Last 5 Search Terms (Keyword)
    5. Top 5 Search Terms (Keyword)
    6. Orders/Amounts (Select Range)
    7. Last 24 Hours
    8. Last 7 Days
  • Current Month
  1. Year-to-date
  2. 2 – Year-to-date
  3. Most Viewed Products
  4. New Customers

Ecommerce Back End Features:

  1. Dashboard:
    1. Lifetime Sales
    2. Average Orders
    3. Last 5 Orders
    4. Last 5 Search Terms (Keyword)
    5. Top 5 Search Terms (Keyword)
    6. Orders/Amounts (Select Range)
    7. Last 24 Hours
    8. Last 7 Days
  • Current Month
  1. Year-to-date
  2. 2 – Year-to-date
  3. Most Viewed Products
  4. New Customers
  5. Customers
  • . Manage Orders:
  • View Customer Order:
  • Send Email,
  • Credit Memo and Reorder
  • Information: Customer Account Information
  • (Customer Name, Email and Customer Group)
  • Order ID (the order confirmation email was sent)
  • (Order Date, Order Status, Purchased From and Placed from IP)
  • Shipping Address
  • (Product, Item Status, Original Price, Price Qty Subtotal Tax Amount
    • Tax Percent Discount Amount Row Total)
      Billing Address Payment Information
  • Shipping & Handling Information
  • Items Ordered
  • Add Order Comments and Comments History
  • (Status, Comment, Notify Customer by Email, Visible on Frontend)
  • Order Totals (Subtotal, Shipping & Handling Grand Total, Total Paid, Total Refunded and Total Due)
  • Customer Invoice: Invoice, Bill to Name, Invoice Date, Status, Amount
  • Credit Memos: Credit Memo, Bill to Name, Created At, Status and Refunded
  • Shipments: Shipment, Ship to Name, Date Shipped, Total Qty
  • Comments History: Status, Comment, Notify Customer
  • Transactions: ID, Order ID, Transaction ID, Parent Transaction ID, Payment Method Name, Transaction Type, Is Closed, Created At
  • View Existing Customer Order: Order, Purchased From (Store), Purchased On, Bill to Name, Ship to Name, G.T. (Base), G.T. (Purchased), Status, Action
  • Export to: CSV or Excel XML
  • Manage Products:

Add New Products: Product Settings – Select Attribute Set and Product Type

Product Information

SEO/Meta Description

Product Long and Short Description

Upload New Product Image or Select Product Image From Existing Images

Option to select Product Available for Purchase

Option to Add Product Category Attributes

Product General Information

(Name, Model, SKU, Status, URL Key, Visibility, Set Product as New from Date, Set Product as New to Date, Country of Manufacture)

Product Page Structure Design

(Custom Design, Active From, Active To, Custom Layout Update,

Display Product Options In, Page Layout)

Allow Gift Message Product Inventory

Select Product Category/Categories (Shown in Hirachy Format)

Option to add Related Product from Existing Products List

Option to Add Up-Sells Products from Existing Products List

Option to Add Cross-Sells Products from Existing Products List

Option to Add Associate Products from Existing Products List

Create New Product Category/: Add Category/ Subcategory

Subcategory/sub-sub category

General information

(Name, Description, Image, Page Title, Thumbnail Image, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Is Active, Include in Navigation Menu, URL Key)

Display Setting

(Display Settings, Display Mode, CMS Block, Is Anchor, Available Product Listing Sort By, Default Product Listing Sort By, Layered Navigation Price Step)


  • . Manage Customers: Option to Export to: Excel XML, CSV

Add New Customers: Account Information

Associate to Website, What is this?, Customer Group, Prefix, Full Name, Email, Date Of Birth, Tax/VAT number, Gender

Send Welcome Email

Password or (Auto- Generated Password)

Customer Addresses

Customer Address

Default Billing Address

Default Shipping Address

View Customers: ID, Name, Email, Group, Telephone, ZIP, Country, State/Province, Customer Since, Website, Action


  • Reports:

Sales Report: Total Ordered Report

Total Refunded Report Coupons Usage Report PayPal Settlement Reports (Report Date, Merchant Account, Transaction ID, Invoice ID, PayPal Reference ID, Event, Initiation Date, Completion Date, Gross Amount, Fee Amount)


Shopping Cart: Products in carts (ID, Product Name, Price, Carts, Orders) Abandoned carts (Customer Name, Email, Number of Items, Quantity of Items, Subtotal, Applied Coupon, Created At, Updated At, IP Address)


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