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Online Whiteboard -Boardmix – Individual – Monthly Subscription


Boost team collaboration with Boardmix’s online whiteboard. Ideal for brainstorming, strategy sessions, diagramming and ideation, our online whiteboard is your one-stop solution.

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Create, Collaborate, Conquer with BoardMix Online Whiteboard

Boardmix’s online whiteboard combines advanced technology with ease of use, simplifying team brainstorming, data analysis, document drafting, and information visualization.

Online Whiteboard to Implement
Real-time Collaboration

Besides AI-related features, Boardmix is also equipped with multiple useful tools that serve you well during the collaborative teamwork and creation process.

AI Assistant

Wake the AI Assistant for quick response and innovative ideas.

Infinite Canvas

Move and expand the canvas without limitations.

Switch Layouts and Topics in One Click

Switch between different layouts and styles in one click to polish your works.


Interact with teammates via chatbox in real time. Support sending and deleting messages, notifying others of what’s updated.

Presentation Mode

Click and enter presentation mode where you can switch pages and rank by dragging.

Multi-format Import & Export

Export and import PDF, PNG, JPG and BDX files. Settings like resolution ratio, area and background can all be customized based on needs.

Version History

Able to create multiple versions and restore the current file to any version in chronological order.

Icon Libraries

Utilize and customize icons of both monochromatic and polychromatic icon libraries.

Smart Formating

Able to align branches automatically, display numbers in equal spacing and add auto layout to lists.

Template Center - Expand Your Boundaries Break the boundary between pro and non-pro using high-quality templates preset in Boardmix, each with a detailed use case.

Experience Seamless Collaboration
with Boardmix Online Whiteboard

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