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GPS Vehicle Tracker System

features help GPS vehicle tracker become the cutting‐edge real‐time GPS tracking device and make
it timely report the status of your vehicle. It provides short start‐up time and fast signal acquisition.If you want, you can replay every moment recorded.
Builtin Battery
Another big advantage of  GPS vehicle tracker is that it is equipped with built‐in battery, whose
standby time reaches to 50 hours. What’s more, you have no need to worry when you come across
emergency, because the built‐in battery can act as backup for about three hours and help you deal with the trouble.

ACC Detection
Powered with ACC detection, GPS vehicle tracker can give you the location of anything at any time,
all in real time. Therefore, no matter where you go, your location would be updated on time

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Features of GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Live Tracking: We provide web based Real Live Tracking of Vehicles. Our Tracking System can track many vehicles from one screen and update position of all vehicles. The live tracking is available 24×7.

Addon PointofInterest on Map: The user can add as many Point‐of‐Interests as he wish to add. They can also add the text information as well as visual information on that Point‐of‐Interests. The Point‐of‐Interests can be the Bus Stops, Workshops, Transport Offices and etc. There is no limitation of numbers of Point‐of‐Interest on the map.

Integration with Google Earth: Reports can be viewed on Google Earth with customizable refresh rate so that there is no need to go to our web‐site for tracking reports.

Journey Replay: Producing a report that replays the vehicle movements and its sensors state over a map.

Fleet Management Reports: Various kinds of fleet management reports can be viewed and downloaded by the user.

Reports: The user can get four kinds of report that are as follows:

  1. Detailed Journey Report 2. Summary Report
  2. Over‐speeding Report 4. Driving/stopped Time Report
  3. Alarm Reporting 6. Vehicle Utilization Report
  4. Route or POI arrive/depart Report 8. Customizable report

Group Tracking: In Group admin section, the user can create and edit the group of vehicle and User can track the group of vehicles at a time on a single map or get the various kinds of group wise MIS reports.

Geofencing: Our system provides geo‐fence creation facility. The geo‐fence can be circular or polygon. The alerts by email or SMS can be integrated based on events generated from geo‐fence like arrive, depart, excess halt time or etc. The route can also be defined to see and check the route deviation of vehicle. The route can be defined for a vehicle or group of vehicle and alert rule can be set. The Point‐of‐Interest (POI) can also be added on map.

Auto Refreshing: The reports are refreshed automatically so that you don’t need to click on update button and it will automatically give the latest information of the selected bus without even a single click of mouse.

Address Last Event: System shows latest vehicle location from different icons.

Customized icons: Different icons on map for displaying different speed levels like over speeding and etc.

Integration with different platforms: Reports can be generated in following formats for the integration with different platforms:

  1. XML 2. KML
  2. XLS (Excel Sheet) 4. CSV (Comma Separated Values)

Customized map on Google Earth: You can overlay Raster Map over Google Earth. For example you can use scanned paper map overlaid on Google Earth.

Periodic email of different reports: All reports can be automatically sent to email address periodically in different formats like HTML, XML, KML, CSV, XLS and etc.

Fuel Monitoring System: The fuel sensor can be integrated with ease of calibration at software end. The system has many fuel related report in tabular as well as Graphical format.

Speed Graph: The speed variation of the vehicles can be viewed and analyzed by Graphs.

Javascipt and AJAX based Map Engine: The web based front end of Map is Javascript and AJAX based and OGC compliance. It confirms all the open stands of OGC. The zooming (in and out) and panning can be performed without reloading of the page. This layer based map engine is seamlessly works on layer switching and multiple layers can be enabled and disabled. This also enables you to see the lat/long of location where you point the mouse cursor. The distance between two points can also be calculated using ctrl button of keyboard. It also enables you to see the tracking of vehicle on full screen map.

Activity reports: It including total distance of travel, average time consumption, places visited, halted etc.

IP Scanning: The system will only allow a predefined IP address to enter to our tracking web‐site for the security purpose.

Day summary report: It depicting the number of trips made, details of exceptions viz. Over‐speeding, stoppage, geofence violations, halt etc.

Distance Travelled Loggings: Accurate log of exact kilometers traveled on basis of actual movement.

Summary of loggedon Vehicle: The system must be able to display snapshot summary of all logged‐on Vehicles.

Over speeding Alert: Our system sends you the email or SMS alert whenever the vehicles get over‐speeded.

Unauthorized movement during predefined period: Our system sends you the email or SMS alert whenever the vehicles take unauthorized movement during predefined period.

Alerts: Different kind of Alerts anyone can think of through email or SMS. The alerts can be generated vehicle wise or group wise.

Cursor Location on Map: You can get the Lat/Long of any location by simply pointing the cursor on map.

Toggle Show: There is a button on map page that can hide as well show the report below the map page so that user can get the tracking report on map as well as in HTML/TXT format under single window.

User/Account Administration: You can create as many users as you want and grant different privileges as per your requirement.

Auto mailer for Forget Password: If you forget your password, don’t be panic, System will send you your password automatically just after clicking on forget password option on login page.


Fleet Information System: Fleet Information System comprises the relevant information of vehicles and drivers. It also includes the Driver management system where all the relevant data of driver can be feed and managed.

Trip Summary Reports: Here you can get the summary of trip like distance traveled, average speed and etc.

History Data Storage: It stores the vehicle position data for a period of six months for all the vehicles in the Server Hard Disk itself. Archiving facility is there on a suitable media like DVD,CD etc.

Data Security: The data will not be accessible by any other agency. The access to our system is based on  login/password/biometric authentication and be accessible only from authorized MAC addresses. The system use SSL during authentication process. All the accesses to the system will be logged including date and time of access along with the IP addresses.

User Access Control: A single account may have multiple users and each user may have different user access. This access to different report and mapping can be controlled by the administrator of account.

Alerts: The System send alert on Main Power supply lost, Main power supply restored, Main power supply low, back‐up battery voltage low, GPS lost, geofence violation, over speed violation etc. The alerts engine can be customized to

generate alert on any situation and up to the imagination of the user

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