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esCalc-A Quick and Easy Desktop Analytics Tool


esCalc is a brand-new spreadsheet software. Being a smart desktop BI tool, esCalc leads to the computing ability revolution of spreadsheets. It realizes real visualization of data computation. Computations such as filter, grouping, sorting, ranking, tables join or union can now be achieved by buttons/menus as long as concrete data is given. esCalc can be used to conduct routine data process for business users with low technical abilities, and helps them to create various of complex reports. esCalc makes it easier to solve computations which are difficult and tedious for the conventional spreadsheets (eg, Excel). Calculator style of stepwise operations: Making complex objects easy and intuitive Homocell model: Mass processing of similar cells to reduce manual operations Multi-level structure: Perfect support to multi-level-group data computing Smart resolution of formula: Automatic formula migration according to the location without manual adjustment Complete set-lization: Making set-operations much easier Mult-level join: Completing complex multi-table operations with visualized SQL computing

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Excel Headaches

Formulas become invalid after groups are dismantled, due to rigid data model;It’s difficult to add a computed column, and perform sorting and filtering on a group;It’s a nightmare to copy and edit formulas manually;Cross-group formula copying usually fails and needs manually editing;Endless lookup functions for set operations;IT support is needed to get sheet joined.

esCalc is a desktop interactive analysis tool intended for data analysts & frontline workers. It’s smarter than Excel, and particularly suitable to handle cross-level computations, complex logic computations, and flexible, stepwise computations. Its cooperation with Excel can dramatically relieve the workload.

What you can do with esCalc?

Data analysis

Interactive flexible analysis

Interactive flexible analysis

Data visualization& printing& output

Report re-handling

Further data manipulation over report

Desktop computing

No technical cooperation

Technological Advantages

Intrinsic hierarchical structure

Dismantle&Recover a level
without affecting detail data


Record-style data model

Perform sort, filter, aggregation &
add a column over grouped data


Homo-cell model

Smart (cross-row) formula copying &



Relational algebraic model

Alignment joins between sheets


Explicit sets

Intuitive set operations




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